The time is flying… and I don’t think that’s something new for you.

To me, when Christmas arrives and so the New Year, I feel more aware of how fast is the time passing by.

And there are two things I love to do at this time of the yearLooking back and appreciate what I have achieved, and look forward to creating the best year of my life.

It’s what I have been doing for the last years, and beyond any rituals and intentions for the new year, these questions go one step further, because they will make you think and reflect deeper about your life.

I’m going to share with you the five questions I’ve found to work extremely well. They are powerful and deep, so take your time to really think about them, I can assure you it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself to create an extraordinary year.

  1. What were your 3 biggest accomplishments in the last year and why?
  2. What’s currently missing from your life and/or business? And how did you keep it out in this last year?
  3. What are you tolerating that is preventing you to reach the highest level of success/fulfillment?
  4. What are the top 1-3 things that you’ve been procrastinating on for weeks, months or even years?
  5. If you could get only 3 things done for the next year, that would give you a tremendous sense of success. What would they be?

Write them down and take time to reflect on it and go deeper. It’s when we understand why we are getting the outcome we get that we can make decisions that create a better future.

Let me finish this with a quote that explains the importance of this:

“A day or two spent in contemplating the vision of what you want, and in earnest thanksgiving, that you are getting it, will bring your mind into such close relationship with the Supreme that you will make no mistake when you act” – Wallace D. Wattlers – The Science of Getting Rich

Take advantage of these days to look back, to look forward and create an amazing vision for the next year, so in twelve months when you will look back you will have a great sense of success.

Create your future but don’t forget to BE PRESENT, enjoy the presence of the people you love and be grateful every single moment for being alive.

Merry Christmas & Much Love,