Being a remarkable leader is one thing.
Being supported by them is another.

What is The Impact Circle?

A non-profit initiative for purpose-driven business leaders

We are a curated and hand-picked global community of value-driven CEOs, Business Leaders and Change-Makers with a tracked record of success who are committed to creating a BIG IMPACT bringing tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

What do we do?

We connect one by one remarkable leaders and change-makers together to build new relationships at a high level, hare their knowledge, expertise and resources to support one to another for the definite purpose of creating an BIG positive impact in the world. 

Personal Introductions at a Higher Level

The main goal of The IMPACT Circle is to introduce you to like-minded and powerful people that support your growth. That's why we make introductions ONE BY ONE. Once we know you, you'll be introduced to a few selected members that might be a great fit for you to cooperate together and take your business and impact to the next level.

You will know The Impact Circle is for you if...

  • You’re a leader with a powerful vision. You dream bigger than anyone around you and you love to support people's dreams. 
  • You have a mission so big that nothing will stop you, and you know you can't do it alone. 
  • You’ve got a track record success and created great things but you know you are capable of achieving much more. 
  • Your real goal is beyond money and recognition – it’s impact and contribution
  • You’re a rule-breaker. You watch what others do and you do the opposite
  • You want to spend time with fascinating people who inspire you and motivate you to go beyond your limits and become a better leader and a better human being.

How does it really works?

The concept of The Impact Circle is unique and you will not find it anywhere else.
We curate all members one by one with an interview and we make them connect to cooperate and support one to another to reach their most ambitious goals and have a bigger impact in the world. The way it works it's quite simple:

1. Personal Interview

We first schedule a 15-minute call so we can know more about you, your mission, your biggest goals and how other members can support you.

2. Personal Introductions

If you are a good match, you'll be introduced to people who are willing to cooperate with you and bring the support you need the most at the moment.

3. Attend our events

As a member you will get access to our free online meetings as well as to live events and transformational retreats that will be run over the year.

We do this AT NO COST because we believe in a world where cooperation and genuine support can change everything. We believe to do great things we can't do it alone. We believe in the law of reciprocity and we know that whatever we are giving to you now it will come back to us in a different form.

Online Meetings at The Impact Circle

Online Meetings at The Impact Circle is a series of online global events around strategic topics such as Personal Development, Team Building, Impact Creation, Innovation, Business Opportunities, the Sustainable Development Goals, etc.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, these events are more focused on subjects related to Remote Work, Wellbeing in Times of Isolation, How-to Manage your Business in Times of Disruption and many more that will enhance the support we provide to entrepreneurs and ventures at this moment



June 16th, Tuesday


5 pm - 6 pm (UK Time)




How to effectively empower our team in times of crisis


Andoni Silva, Founder and Host of The Impact Circle & Guest Expert

What we are committed to

The global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the lens through which to view our impact in the world. We aim to create bridges between those leaders and corporations around the world who are committed to generate impact on this 17 goals

Components of The Impact Circle

Global Community. 
You’ll face challenges, but no longer alone. You’ll be surrounded by a ‘family’ of change-makers and remarkable people who really get you. Many will become your friends for life. You’ll be a member of a private group, where you can stay connected and have high-caliber conversations.

Incredible support
You’ll have the biggest blanket of support you’ve ever experienced. You’ll have the opportunity to attend our free online meetings, live events around Europe and one high-end transformational retreat in a secret location only for members.

When people connect with other members from The Impact Circle, they fly. This is not a program or a seminar. It’s pure transformation that takes place over time building real connections with remarkable leaders. When you have goals that look impossible, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they become possible when you are surrounded by people up to something even more amazing than you.

You’ll make a contribution to something bigger than yourself, contributing to reach the Sustainable Development goals. Also, our community is raising funds to charity causes, NGOs and social support especially during these times of crisis.

Interested in joining?

If you are a remarkable leader committed to take your business, impact and contribution to the next level we are looking forward to having you onboard.