Do you dare to dream BIG?

This video has been one of the most relevant ones in my life.

I watched it for the first time over 8 years ago, precisely at the moment when I felt I needed to make a change in my life but I was feeling stack. That first time I was impressed by this approach. I was indeed skeptical of all these steps, but every time I felt lost in my journey I went back to watch the video again.

A few years later, I played this video to my family when I decided to pursue my dreams and quit my regular life in Spain to travel the world and create a more fulfilling life.

Over two years after that, when I met my fiancé Mayra in the distance, I shared it with her because she was in the same situation I was years before.

Nowadays, I can assure you that everything that this video explains is clearly what is happening when you have dreams and you decide to pursue them. It is exactly like that. So be ultra-focused watching this video and watch it again every time you need to find an answer in your journey.


BTW, you can also find the Spanish Version here: ¿Te atreves a soñar?