5 Days of Deep Exploration to Create More Impact & Fulfilment from the Inside Out

Hello Change-Maker!

Do you sometimes feel like if you are alone in your journey to success?

Do you know you are capable of much more but it seems difficult to aim bigger?

Do you feel you need a kick in your ass?

If so The Change-Makers Retreat might be great for you if:

  • Deep down you know you are capable of achieving much more — yet, you don't know what's holding you back to get there and your progress seems slow.
  • You know something needs to change within you and you want to be the change that you want to see in the world.
  • You are willing to create a bigger vision for your future and committed to make it happen by shifting the way you think.
  • You believe you deserve a bigger impact in the world because you have so much to offer.

Let's be honest here.

You know the only limit you have to aim bigger is YOURSELF, isn't it? 

And you also know that you need to make changes within you.
A change from the inside out.


You are going to spend 5 Days with the deepest you.
5 Days full of inspiration where you'll think bigger than ever before.

5 Days to discover new ideas and ways of thinking that will bring bigger results.

5 Days of Deep Exploration in Mallorca (Spain) to:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your future that is as BIG as you are capable to achieve, and deeply aligned with your heart.
  • Find what are the obstacles in your mind that are secretly holding you back to aim bigger. You'll understand in a deep level why you think, act and feel in the way you do it.
  • Define a roadmap to start materializing your vision, starting with tiny steps so you don't have to wait to have "everything perfect" to get new results.
  • Learn how to deal with adversity to overcome any challenges and obstacles you may find in the way, so there will not be anything that can stops you.

I promise you two things.

First, It's going to be intense.
Second, it's worth it. 

Because creating a bigger impact requires a new version of yourself.

Because living at your full potential is priceless.

Working together from the Inside out will make you:

  • Feel more confident to aim bigger and to achieve bigger things because you'll clearly see how powerful you are and how you can overcome any challenge within yourself by changing the way you think.
  • Develop the right mental attitude to create the impact you are capable to and to live the life you truly want to live, unleashing your full potential, feeling fulfilled and recognised.
  • Have a feeling of authenticity as never before, feeling ready, more confident and totally connected with yourself and with your heart, which brings more inner peace and harmony. That's a feeling from the inside out.

You'll wake up every morning knowing that you are doing exactly what you want to do in life and in your career.

Knowing that you are living a limitless life fully connected to your heart.

5 Days where you are going to enjoy a lot.

Surrounded by stunning nature. 
Waking up with the sounds of the birds.
Relaxing by the pool or enjoying delicious meals.

While meeting other Change-Makers with the same purpose.

Welcome to my home.

Welcome to Villa Surya, our Eco-Finca in Mallorca

Yes. This is my home.
The place where I live with Mayra, my fiancé and our furry family.
Because we love traveling, we have been living in 9 countries in a single year.
We've met people from over 70 nationalities.

And we want to open the doors of our home to Change-Makers like you.

Together we've hosted over 40 retreats in Sri Lanka in the last year.
So we know what we do and we do it with passion and care.

We love eating delicious food and we want to share it with you.
You'll enjoy delicious vegetarian meals that are a fusion of Mediterranean & Asian cuisine.

And beyond the Coaching Experience we have some other activities to get the most out of this.
The Yoga, Meditations, Kayaking and Massage will complement your stay.

Here are the details

The Change-Maker Retreat includes:

  • ​5-Day Retreat with Accommodation in Private room, Full-Board and Amenities all in our Eco-Finca
  • 4 Days of  Deep Coaching in a group setting of max. 3 People.
  • ​Daily Yoga Class to stretch your body and therefore your mind.
  • ​Daily Meditation to develop more focus.
  • 50 Minutes Massage on-site with a Professional Masseuse
  • 1 Paddle Surf or Kayak lesson
  • 2 Additional Group Calls support after the retreat
  • Access to Change-Makers Community Private group

2019 Upcoming Retreats

April 20th to 24th
- Fully Booked -

May 2nd to 6th

May 16 to 20th

June 20 to 24th

July 4th to 8th

July 18 to 22nd


1,997   €1,497 

30% Deposit required to save your spot

Hi! My name is Andoni.

I empower and inspire change-makers to achieve bigger things, live at their full potential and create a more fulfilling life from the inside out.

I've spent the last years of my life understanding -at the deepest level-myself, how the human mind works, and how we can upgrade our life from the inside out.

Part of this came after quitting my successful corporate job as eMarketing Director for a multimillion company and the life that this involved.

My Coaching is a holistic distillation of my own experience with a science proven approach where I combine coaching with meditation, neuroscience, mind-hacking, spirituality and universal laws.

You can read my story here.