Listen Now to the Exclusive Meditation that will Make you Define a Bigger Future from your Heart

— Created by Andoni Silva —

A fast track to access your subconscious mind to find deep clarity about the business and the life you deep down want to create.

I've designed this meditation based in the experience hosting over 40 Transformational Retreats, it’s a distillation of the world’s most powerful techniques that combines Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Hypnosis, Visualization and Law of Attraction.

Listening to this Exclusive Meditation you will...

  • Have a sense of Deep Clarity about the Life & the Business you truly wish in your life.
  • Create a crystal clear vision for your future that is as BIG as you are capable to achieve. 
  • Hack your brain in a subconscious level to deeply belief in the vision you've created knowing that you are capable to achieve it.
  • Get into a deep state of relaxation —so you will also reduce your stress levels and find more connection with yourself..

A Science-proven Transcendental experience designed for Transformation.

Andoni has been using and fine tuning this meditation with over 100 students from over 30 different nationalities that have been attending his retreats.

It is well known and proven by Neuroscience that a deep transformation in ourselves and in any aspect of our life, is possible when we change the way we think and we act doing it from the inside out.

This meditation has been specifically designed to help you reach a high state of consciousness where your mind will be ready for self-suggestion.

The result is impactful and powerful.

Are you ready for an inside out transformation of your future?

What makes this Meditation very unique is the combination of the three T's: Transformation, Transmutation and Transcendental.  The 3T's are the result you are going to experience by practicing this meditation. 


"Causing a major change to something or someone, especially in a way that makes it or them better"

The transformation happens as a result of creating a bigger vision of your life that is aligned with your heart.


"A transmutation is the act of changing your vibration completely, especially into a different frequency”

Your fears and challenges will fade away transmuting that vibration into a positive and optimistic state of mind


"A transcendental experience is extremely special and unusual and cannot be understood in ordinary ways”

There is not really a way to explain what you are going to feel until you experience it by yourself.

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