Be the Change. Change the World.

Discover my Unique Coaching approach, a holistic and science-proven distillation of coaching with meditation, neuroscience, mind-hacking and spirituality.

Hello Change-Maker!

Let me guess something.

Deep down you know that you are capable of so much more

You know you are capable of creating a bigger impact.
You know you are capable of living bigger.

You know that the only limit to aim bigger is YOURSELF.

So I have a question for you.

Do you feel ready to make a change from the inside out?
Do you feel ready to get a kick in your ass and move forward in an exponential way?

Are you this one?

If you are Speaker, Author, Coach, Social Entrepreneur or Leader and:

  • You know you are capable of achieving much more — because you are not living at your full potential even though you know there is unlimited possibilities waiting for you.
  • Your progress seems slow and something is holding you back — But you don’t really know how to change those unconscious thoughts, fears and limitations that are deep inside you.
  • You secretly feel lazy or not good enough —that’s holding you back, but you can't find anyone who can support and understand you at a deep level to feel the power within you.

 The very best thing you can do for your family, for the world and for your own success is to make the most out of yourself.

Deep Coaching for Ambitious Change-Makers

My one-on-one Coaching Program is Intense, Impactful and Extraordinary.
Our work together will lead you to:

  • Accelerate your growth and create an impact beyond your limits, so you can have the freedom and recognition you want while being a catalyst for contributing to a big positive change in the world.
  • Belief in yourself and understand the way you are at a deep level, finding your hidden limiting beliefs, fears and challenges, and understanding how they are affecting you in your journey.
  • Create a life and a business that are exactly as you deeply wish, by developing an unshakeable clarity and self-confidence that will make you become limitless.
  • Feel so authentic with yourself and with your life, because you'll make a change from the inside out and you'll feel ready to live fully, more confident and fully connected your heart.

The 4 Pillars of my Coaching

Clarity & Vision

Finding clarity of what you want in EVERY aspect of your life, not just in your business and personal life, but in your health, relationships, family, intellectual life, emotions, lifestyle, etc.

Mindsets & Beliefs

Uncovering the hidden beliefs and limitations that are holding you back to aim bigger so you can understand why you think, act and feel in the way you are and how you can change it.

Strategy & Action

Defining a definite plan to materialize your big vision so you'll wake up every day knowing that you are going in the right direction and taking tiny actions that lead to the results you are looking for.

Balance & Harmony

Creating more fulfilment, balance and harmony in everything you do is the key to truly commit yourself with all what it takes. Because you'll know that everything you do comes from your heart.

Are you ready to think beyond your limits?

At the moment I'm running The Change-Maker Coaching Challenge where I'm coaching for 100-Minute -at no cost- to 100 Change-Makers like you. If you are ready to get coached take advantage and schedule your 100-Minute Free Deep Coaching Session now!

Hi! My name is Andoni.

I Coach Change-Makers to Believe in Themselves and Create Bigger things Beyond their Limits.

I left my successful career as an eMarketing Director in the corporate world to pursue my biggest dream of having a more fulfilling life and contribute to the world with my precious gifts.

I believe we all can achieve bigger things, I've 10x my Income I've upgraded my life in an extraordinary way, and I did it from the inside out, by just changing the way I think, act and feel. Waking up every morning with new thoughts that open a new world of possibilities.

Are you ready for the challenge to think beyond your limits?

You can read my story here.