Be the Change. Take the Challenge.

100-Minute Free Coaching Session for 100 Ambitious Change-Makers to make them Uncover the Unknown Possibilities they have within themselves.

Hello Change-Maker!

So you want to create something that is as BIG as you are capable to achieve, isn't it?

You are willing to create an extraordinary impact in this world because you want to be heard and have a lot to offer.

I believe in people like you. I believe that we need to BE the change to MAKE a change.

That's why I empower Change-Makers like you to create and believe in a bigger vision. And uncover the unknown possibilities you have within you — so you can create a bigger impact and a more balanced and fulfilling life from the inside out.

A vision that will bring to you new possibilities that you haven't explored before.

New ideas, new ways of thinking exponentially aligned with your heart that create exponential results in the impact you have and in the fulfilment you feel inside you.

The challenge is to Coach at a deep level, for 100 minutes -free of charge- 100 Change-Makers to inspire and empower them aim bigger and unleash their full potential.

If you are ready for exponential growth, our session together will empower you from the inside out to maximize your unique talents and create a vision for your future that is bigger than you. That excites you every single morning when you get out of bed.

The value of this is PRICELESS.

The cost of this is ZERO. NOTHING. NADA.

Do you want to be one of the 100 Change-Makers that are being the change?

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"I'm 11 years in the coaching business. I've met many coaches: expensive ones, "experienced" ones, famous ones. I have one 2 hours session with Andoni and I was blown away. He was superior in so many levels to a lot of what I've seen. He's profound, compassionate, intelligent, and deeply inspiring."

— Blanca V., Leadership coach for Business Women

Who is this Challenge for?

If you are a Change-Maker who is Speaker, Author, Coach, Influential, Thought Leader or Social Entrepreneurs and:

  • You want to create a bigger impact and unleash your hidden potential because you deeply know you are capable of achieving much more. 
  • You are looking for more recognition in your career, and you want to reach higher levels of freedom and success —so you can live your best life.
  • You know what you want but can’t get there because you have lots of distractions, and you are not sure about what needs to change within you to get there. 

"Andoni is always able to ask the right questions in the right moment in a way that make you think about things you haven’t thought before. He made me see new possibilities for me and showed how I can make it happen."

— Sebastian, Speaker, Teacher and Happiness Coach

As a result of our conversation

  • You'll create a clear BIGGER vision for your future —so you can have clarity of what you want in every aspect of your life and get be more focus on the things that are important to make it happen.
  • You'll uncover the unknown and unlimited possibilities you have and you can't see from your own perspective —so you can start thinking exponentially and get new ideas for your business you never had before.
  • You'll boost your self-confidence and self-stem by learning in a deeper level why you think, act and feel in the way you do it, —so you can have more control over yourself and your life.

Hold On.

I play a different game, and this is going to be intense and impactful.

I will make you think about things you never thought before.
I'll be asking you things nobody dared to ask you.
And I'll ask you fearless, no matter how successful or influent you are.

Because that's where the big things start to happen.

Are you ready for that?

"Andoni asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. He has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions." 

— Naully, Author & Speaker

Why I'm doing this for free?

The reason is simple.

I'm 100x the impact I'm creating.
I believe the world needs a change, and helping 100 Change-Makers to create a bigger impact is my way of creating an exponential impact that will make a significant change.

I'm also getting inspired by people who are willing to change the world.
People that inspires me to aim bigger and motivates me to continue creating a bigger impact.

At the same time, I'm building rewarding relationships with the kind of people I want in my life and even making new friends with the ones I really resonate with. 

Whilst is not a sales conversation, at all, some people will want to join my program.

The conversation we are about to have is exclusively about YOU and YOUR WORLD, and how you can make a bigger impact from the inside out. 

"I would highly recommend Andoni to anyone who would like to move forward with their life. After our session, I feel like really nothing it's impossible, found answers to questions to which I couldn't find an answer before."

— Krisztina, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur

Hi! My name is Andoni.

I empower and inspire Change-Makers to Create a Bigger Impact, Unleash their Full Potential and Find more Balance from the Inside Out.

I've spent the last years of my life understanding -at the deepest level-myself, how the human mind works, and how we can aim bigger to upgrade our life.

Part of this came after quitting my successful corporate job (and the lifestyle that this involves) as eMarketing Director for a multimillion company.

My Coaching is a holistic distillation of my own experience with a science proven approach where I combine coaching with meditation, neuroscience, mind-hacking, spirituality and universal laws.

You can read my story here.


Are you ready for an exponential growth?

Take the challenge. Be the Change.

We'll have a 100-Minute conversation that is going to empower you from the inside out to maximize your unique talents and create a vision for your future that is bigger than you.