This is me, I hide nothing

In my family I have always been the weirdo, the outsider, the one that was doing things that anybody in the family was doing.

Among my group of friends I was the hippie one, the spiritual, the one building castles in the air, but the one who was always inspiring them to become the best version of themselves. The one that was always telling them the things that no one else would say.

In my jobs I’ve always been the controversial one, the argumentative, the one always asking “Why are we doing things in this way?” when I knew they really didn’t know the answer. And I was the one quitting a great job position when they wanted me to be there.

That’s me, and for good or bad that made me fail many times. Because that’s the first we all need to acknowledge if we want to succeed.

Oprah was fired by the producer of her first TV job because she “unfit for television”. 

J.K. Rowling was rejected by all 12 major publishers for the Harry Potter script.

Walt Disney was fired at the Kansas City Star paper because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”. 

As every successful person in this planet, I also failed many times, but thanks to all these failures I’m now the successful person I always wanted to be.

I worked as a graphic designer, website consultant, media creative, project manager, professional photographer, and ended up working as eMarketing Director for two of the biggest companies in Spain.

I have been running different companies: a dance school, a marketing consultant agency, and a business for professional photographers. Not all of them were a financial failure, but a failure in my inner self.

I was not happy because there was always something missing: my happiness and my desire to have a bigger impact making this world a better place.

That’s why I’m here right now.

Because I started to follow my heart and pursue to succeed failure after failure.

Nowadays I live the life I always wanted to live.

I coach extraordinary people to have a bigger impact, I run a Yoga & Meditation retreat with my partner in a paradisiacal location in Sri Lanka where we help people to connect with themselves in a very positive way.

My coaching practice and business are growing exponentially month by month.

And my happiness levels are higher than ever before.

All of this, and my natural ability to understand people's mind, is what makes my coaching so powerful and impactful allowing me to guide my clients to reach the impossible.

If you dare to take your life to an extraordinary level, let's talk.