Hi, I'm Andoni Silva

I’m an expert at understanding people’s mind and bringing their thoughts, feelings and biggest ideas to a safe place. I help them to put together all the pieces of their puzzle to build an extraordinary and meaningful life.

I only work with inspiring people that are willing to make a big impact in the world. Some of my clients are international speakers, great coaches, doctors, and entrepreneurs that are contributing with their profession to making others happier.

You love your career. You are happy with your life. But still you know there is something else you could achieve — a better legacy, a bigger impact, and a better life.

I'm a Life Coach & Business Mentor, and I take my clients into a journey to connect in a deeper level with themselves, guiding them to create an extraordinary life by experiencing an exponential growth in their life, their career and their soul.

I am an Entrepreneur and a certified Yoga Teacher who loves Meditation and Eastern philosophies — so I'll always apply ethical principles and mind-hacking techniques.

I am the co-founder of Parampara Yoga, a retreat center in Sri Lanka, where I lead meditation sessions, inspiring talks about life and run Life-Changing Coaching Retreats.

I am the founder of The Dharma Program, an step-by-step mentoring program for Conscious Entrepreneurs.

And I’m the co-founder of the #1 Conscious Community for Conscious Entrepreneurs called MasterMindful.

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