— “Look, mom! I can fly!!”

I happily said to my mom wearing a piece of cloth on my back and my underwear on top of my pants. I felt like Superman, and no-one could tell me the opposite! 

My mom then said:

— “Yes, son! You can fly!! …but, watch out! Don’t break anything.”

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When we are kids we feel limitless, we live in our imagination so we don’t use our logical brain that much because we don’t need it to survive. Our family is taking care of us so we can let our imagination fly and dream as big as we want.

However, when we become adults all that starts to change, and allowing that same freedom in our imagination does not happen at that same level so often anymore. 


It had been 30 years since I told my mom I was like Superman. One day, I went to have lunch at my parent’s home….

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