“Andoni really struggled in his childhood as he always felt unwanted and unaccepted. People didn’t even know how to pronounce his name so-called him ’Toni’ instead and thought that was OK. Then, 20 years later he landed his dream job and everyone around him thought that his life was great and he must be successful. They were wrong – he didn’t feel fulfilled or happy being a Digital Marketing Director at all. He went through a lot of internal traumas and pain but couldn’t find a way out.

Four years after that, he decided to live a life with no plans. He wanted to explore Asia and explore the world so he quit his entire life and bought a one-way ticket to India that changed his life because he found meditation and mindfulness that finally helped him accept himself as he was.

Today, he empowers change-makers to believe in themselves and create an impact beyond their limits from the inside out.

In this episode, Andoni shares how one can stop overthinking things in their life and learn to accept themselves for whom they are. He also talks about meditation and mindfulness – and how having a routine/practice in your daily life, can truly make a positive impact towards getting more results and reaching your full potential.”