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Do you dare to dream BIG?

Do you dare to dream BIG? This video has been one of the most relevant ones in my life. I watched it for the first time over 8 years ago, precisely at the moment when I felt I needed to make a change in my life but I was feeling stack. That first time I […]

The 3 Top Values & Motivations I have in Life

Recently I got a question from someone who was attending one of our Transformational Retreats. She is christian and has very strong beliefs about God. So she wanted to know where I’m putting my faith towards. That question really made me think, not just about my beliefs, but about the habits of thinking and values […]

What are your 3 Biggest Achievements in Life?

These are the 3 Biggest Achievements in my Life 1. Create an Extraordinary Life There is not a better way to predict the future than creating it. Who came up with the idea that we have to accept our fate or that we cannot make our bigger dreams a reality because that’s like building castles […]