Once upon a time...

...there was a great guy named Andoni Silva, who wanted to find out how to live an authentic life with freedom and fulfilment without feeling like a fraud.

So he quit his perfect life on paper, including his dreamed corporate job, and his relationship and he decided to travel the world seeking for all the answers. But one day he realized that everything he was seeking for years was in a different place...

Once upon a time...

...there was a great guy named Andoni Silva, who being highly successful in the corporate world wanted to find out how to live an authentic life with more freedom and fulfillment.

So he quit his perfect life on paper, and travel the world seeking for all the answers. But one day he realized that everything he was seeking for over 10 years was in a completely different place...

I'm a little kid, 8 years old, who recently got a surgery in the peritoneum.
We just arrived to our new home on the island of Mallorca.
I go out to the balcony for the first time. 
I look to the side and I see two kids of my own age in the balcony's neighbor.

They look at me...
They start start laughing at me with no reason...
They go inside home and come back again laughing...

And...wait, they start throwing me wet toilet paper.

I don't know what's happening, but I feel extremely sad.

I feel completely lost and vulnerable.

I feel completely unaccepted.

I feel as I'll never fit in.

Twenty years later...

It's 2007 and I apply for a dreamed job and...
I become the new Digital Marketing Director
for one of the biggest tourism companies in the country.

I want the freedom to travel the world that this job can provide me.

I want to feel that I'm doing something important that is having an impact.

So my life looks just perfect on paper!

Everyone is so proud of me.
Everyone seems to admire me because of what I've achieved.
On top of that, I'm the lover of the most beautiful woman in the office.

I've got a high status at all levels.
And I feel the recognition I was always looking for.

But on the other side...
I'm working over 70 hours a week,
I suffer stress and insomnia,
and I'm driven by toxic habits that I don't even know how to stop.
(Including drugs and violent behaviors)

Deep down I feel like I've got everything and nothing and the same time.

I feel like a fraud. 
And secretly guilty for not being a better human being.

I'm living a life that makes me unhappy and unfulfilled.

I lack of freedom, balance, meaning, contribution and inner peace...


I decide to start seeking for something else beyond professional success.

I hire my first coach and my life started to shift.
I become a certified coach and addicted to personal development.

I start studying and applying many of the major teachings and topics spanning over 3,000 years and across philosophy,  spirituality, psychology and science. 

I walk completely alone 400 km in 22 days..
And a few months later I spend a month in India that shifts me.

I feel the need of making a big change in my life.

Stuck in fear, it takes me a few years to finally make the decision.

But finally, I make the biggest decision of my life...
And step into a transformational journey that will change my life forever.

Me in 2015 when I was about to take my flight to India.

My plan is to spend time understanding myself,
understanding the keys for my happiness and fulfillment,
understanding the true essence of who I am,
and find a way to put my talents in service to humanity.

I get my one-way ticket, and travel again to India where I deepen my learning about ancient wisdom, yoga and meditation. 

I travel to so many places and live involved in the local culture in nine different countries across three continents.

I meet dozens of mentors, gurus, coaches, therapists and teachers.
I develop a regular practice of meditation, visualization, gratitude, emotional releasing techniques and transformative personal practices.

This practice and new level of consciousness allow me to wake up each day knowing who I am, and understanding how to live authentically and get the most out of myself as a human being.

I continue working on myself day after day and always finding new ways and practical tools to become a greater version of myself.


I feel overwhelm by the big amount of information I'm absorbing. 
Struggling to integrate all the knowledge coming from ancient cultures into my life. 

Too many teachings, too many different perspectives, too many techniques.

I never thought it would be that hard and I need a break...

I spend 9 days in absolute silence in a Buddhist Temple in Thailand. 

The only thing I'm allowed do is to meditate and be with myself. 
Nothing else is allowed.
No talking, no reading, no writing, no working.
Not any kind of communication with anyone.

These days will change my life forever.

When on the 5th day I find myself in tears, fascinated by the beauty I can see around me, overwhelmed by a deep sense of love and gratitude, I started to receive some deep answers and...

I have the greatest insight of my life.

Simple but absolutely truth and real.

It is all about ME.

It is how we look to myself what I'm projecting and attracting in my life.
It is what I believe to be true what I make it real.
It is how much I love myself what determines how much I can serve others.

From this moment I start to look at myself in a different way.
I look at my blind spots, at the opportunities around me.
I prioritize my emotional and mental state because that determines the quality of my thoughts.
And I start to understand my true self and connect with my essence as I never did before. 

I start manifesting and creating the life and business I want

And so amazing things happen...

I meet the love of my life and create a life together.

I turn my consultancy work into a coaching business that helps purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world to create a massive impact.

I host over 65 transformational Retreats in Europe and Asia in just two years.

 Helping and guiding people to find their true essence and unlock their potential.

I build a global community of impact-driven leaders who've created great things and are  literally changing the world through business.

As a professional and certified coach I've created ​a unique and holistic framework that combines psychological, scientific and spiritual principles to help entrepreneurs and leaders create a massive impact (and income) by becoming a greater version of themselves. 

And now, I can finally say that I live a fulfilling and successful life.
Because success is not about being recognized, getting famous or rich, but about living the life we truly want to live doing the things we truly want to do.

Nowadays, I live by the sea in the beautiful island of Mallorca.
And I feel extremely happy for just being who I am.

And I thrive helping those individuals that are looking for more success and impact in their professional life whilst living an authentic and fulfilling life.

If you feel ready for a business (and personal) breakthrough...