Hi, I'm Andoni Silva.

"Everything started when I was 8 years old and had to move to a new city. Since that age I'd shape my life and build a successful career trying to find the acceptance I never had as a kid.

20 years later, I was on the top of the world, but deep inside I felt miserable, unfulfilled, unhappy. I felt completely lost". 

I'm a little kid, 8 years old, who recently got a surgery in the peritoneum.
And I'm here, in our new home on the island of Mallorca.
I go out to the balcony for the first time.
I look to the side and I see two kids of my own age.

They start laughing at me and...wait, they are throwing wet toilet paper at me.

Even at school, they all speak Catalan, a language I can't understand.  They don't even know how to pronounce my name properly. So they change my name. 
From now on I'll be "Toni".

I feel naked, completely vulnerable.
I feel as I'd never fit it. I feel completely UNACCEPTED.

From that very moment, and subconsciously, without being aware, I created a life in a desperate search of the love, the approval and the recognition from others. 

Twenty years later I was hired for my dreamed job. My life seems to be simply perfect.

For everyone else it looked like the perfect life.
But not for me.

I'm wearing a suite and tie and everyone is so proud of me.
My parents are telling everyone about the job I'm doing.
Everyone seems to admire me. My status and my income are multiplied.
I'm the lover of the most beautiful woman in the office.
Everybody knows me and I feel finally got that recognition I was looking for.
I'm the Digital Marketing Director for one of the biggest companies in the country. 

However, on the inside...

I'm struggling. A lot. I'm going through a lot of emotional pain.
I'll recognise it. I'm addicted to so many different things​.
I'm in love with a married woman and we have an extramarital toxic relationship.
I'm working up to 70 hours a week and letting my job control me.
I'm having sleepless nights -too many-, and stress and anxiety.
I've created a life looking for acceptance and driven by FEAR.

Everything starts to change when I decide to...

Walk 400 km completely alone in 22 days.

I'm walking for 20 days, and finally, I see the ocean.
I can't contain my tears. I'm alone and crying like a kid.
I feel so thrilled. After 20 days suffering, with my ankle sprained from day three, I'm about to reach the end.
I have a sensation as I never had before.
I feel empowered and a deep connection with myself.

I need to look for more. Life can't be just success on the outside.

After that big lesson, I start to become more self-aware and start my search for fulfilment beyond success.
I'm travelling to India where I'm going to spend 1 month.

This trip has shifted me. I feel different.
I see the greatness in people's smile.
I see the happiness in places where I learned there could not be happiness.
I'm becoming more and more aware.
And my searching for more kick off.

I discover meditation and yoga and start practising.
I study hundreds of books of ancient spiritual knowledge, psychology, success and happiness.
I feel so inspired by people like Andrew Carnegie, Robin Sharma, Napoleon Hill, Dalai Lama, Gourdjieff, Krishnamurti, Joe Dispenza, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield as also many other Thought Leaders and History Makers.

Every day I continue working on bringing more awareness into my life.
Still, the fear is in the lead, creating stagnation.
Making me think that I need the perfect conditions to actually change the conditions. 

Four years after, I decide to live a life with no plans.
I want to explore Asia and explore the world.
I quit my entire life and buy I one-way ticket to India.

Me in 2015 when I was about to take my flight to India.

The intense journey begins now.

Life is Beautiful!

I travel to so many places on 3 different continents.
I live in silence in a buddhist temple meditating 14 hours a day.
I study and practice so many different things like tantra, reiki, taoism, all kinds of meditations and practical tools to expand our level of awareness.

I live in 9 different countries and meet people from over 70 nationalities.

They are all friendly and accepting me even with my poor english with a strong Spanish accent.

And finally...

 I felt so much like being me, and really started to get in touch that inexhaustible inner power we all have within us. 

And I learned a big lesson...

That it doesn’t matter anymore If I'm unaccepted by others.
Because deep in my heart I've accepted myself. 

From a place of full self-acceptance and self-awareness I start to reinvent myself and create a truly authentic and fulfilling life driven by love.

I've met the love of my life and got married.
I came back to Mallorca and have a place I can call Home
I've run over 60 transformational Retreats in Europe and Asia in just two years
helping hundreds get out of their head and into their heart.

I lead a hand-picked community of driven-business leaders called The IMPACT Circle where they come together supporting one to another to create an epic positive impact in the world.

And as a coach I specialized in helping business leaders and change-makers get the most out of themselves, their life and their business.

I help them multiply their impact and the contribution they are making in the world.

I enjoy life as I never did before
And I feel extremely happy for just being who I am

After spending over 5 years in that transformational journey I've learned that the results we get in business and in life are just the reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. 

It's only when we integrate personal life, professional life and inner work that we are able to find that sweet spot where happiness, success and fulfilment come together.

If you feel there is still much more you are capable of in life and in business, you and I should have a conversation.

Let's talk.