Hello Change-Maker!

This is my story and how I got where I am today

Have you ever felt so empty even having everything you ever wanted in life?

That's precisely where my biggest life journey began.

About eight years ago I had a very successful job in the corporate world: I was the eMarketing Director of a multi-million company. I had my own apartment. I was on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea and living my dream.

From the outside it looked like the perfect life.

But guess what? On the inside, I felt empty and miserable.

My life was aimless.

Over time, I realized that what I thought were my biggest dreams were just an illusion.

But I also realized that there were also many other things behind:

  • I had everything I ever wanted – but I was still feeling that something was missing in my life. 
  • I always felt exhausted - even when things were going well, my energy was drained.
  • I was feeling lonely in the middle of a crowd – I had lots of friends and colleagues, but I secretly felt very alone.
  • I was at the very top of my field but I was secretly feeling lazy or a fraud.
  • I had a secret feeling that if I stopped working so hard, it would all go away.

Deep down I knew that I was capable of so much more.

I always had the dream of traveling the world with no return ticket.

However, bad habits, negative hidden beliefs and the fear of the unknown were holding me back for many years.

Until I got so tired of waiting for the perfect conditions to take that leap, that I just decided to do it anyway and I quit my job, rented out my apartment, and I bought a ticket to travel the world.

I knew I was capable of achieving much more, in my career, in my life and within myself.

I then started to face my fears and limitations and quit everything to create the life I truly wanted to live.

Since then I have been on a continuous journey of self-development;

I’ve lived in 9 different countries and meet hundreds of people from over 70 different countries, I’ve spent 9 days in absolute silence meditating 14 hours a day, I’ve been mentored by the best mind experts and coaches in the world, I’ve studied over 400 hours of Yoga and Meditation, and I’ve created a unique and practical coaching approach that combines spiritual ancient wisdom and modern science.

I've spent the last years of my life understanding myself and how the human mind works at a deep level and how we can upgrade our life from the inside out.

This journey opened the doors to a new world of possibilities that I had within me and haven’t been able to see before. Because no matter what we want to achieve in business or in life, everything starts within us. Success and fulfilment is something that happen from the inside out.

Nowadays, I live fully. I live the life I truly wish with freedom, meaning, and fulfilment.

I’m an expert at making people think beyond their limits because I believe we all can BECOME LIMITLESS by just changing the way we think at a deep level.

Today my mission is to inspire and empower ambitious Change-Makers to deeply believe in themselves and create an impact beyond their limits.

My coaching is profound, intense, authentic and Life-Changing. I make people change from the inside out, by applying the unique holistic coaching approach I’ve developed in my journey that combines spiritual wisdom with modern science.

If you are ready to think beyond your limits, let’s have a conversation.

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