Recently I got a question from someone who was attending one of our Transformational Retreats. She is christian and has very strong beliefs about God. So she wanted to know where I’m putting my faith towards.

That question really made me think, not just about my beliefs, but about the habits of thinking and values that are driving my life.

Before hiring a coach I always do it because I feel aligned with the way they live and with what they have achieved. Then I find very interesting to share with you how is my life and what values made me create it in the way it is nowadays.

The top 3 values that lead my life


Since I was a kid I always felt like a peace advocate. When there were two kids fighting or arguing, I was the one making them understand their differences in a better way.

Nowadays non-violence is my first value. In everything I do I always make sure that my words, my actions, my feelings and my thoughts are not harmful for anyone, including myself.

Because non-violence is to me the first thing we need to respect others and ourselves. And this non-violence principle also means not accepting any act of violence from anyone towards anyone or anything, including animals, plants, environment or material things.

Living a non-violence philosophy makes life easier and makes me feel more in tune with nature and with the universe where we all are a very important part.


Being fully authentic and truthful in my thoughts, my speech and in my actions bring to me a sense of full authenticity. Being truthful is a wide and complex concept that goes beyond honesty. There is always something we can improve about speaking our truth, like sharing our deeper feelings with our loved ones, not making assumptions when we don’t know if it’s truth, and distinguishing between absolute truth and relative truth.

The distinction between Absolute Truth Vs. Relative Truth made me open my mind and my heart in a way that never happened before. Because it’s when we realize that our truth is just true because we learned it and experienced it so it became familiar for us, and not because that’s actually a truth.

An example of an absolute truth is that we all are going to die, there is no one that can argue about that. A relative truth is thinking that we have to accept our fate or that we have to work so hard to be successful. These are relative truths that we learn during our childhood, and that through repetition became an absolute truth that we don’t question anymore. We just think it is truth and we live with that for years.


I practice gratitude every single day and I try to do it with the simplest and smallest things I have in my life. How many times a day are you grateful because you are breathing? If we don’t appreciate our body and our life, it’s very easy to be an slave of our negative thinking.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful things we can practice because an instantly transmute our negative thoughts in positive ones. Because gratitude develops faith towards ourselves and our goals, and we have an strong faith and desire for living our best life it just happen.
That’s why I try to live looking at life as if absolutely everything was a miracle.

My top 3 motivations that boost my days

Meaningful Purpose

This is what shifted the journey of my life. Understanding why I’m here and what is that single thing that brings meaning into my life is crucial to wake up every day with the sensation that we are doing exactly what we have to do to live a life with no regrets. Our purpose is bigger than our fears, than our limitations.

For many years the typical sentence of “find your purpose” had no meaning to me. Many self-help gurus talking about how to find your purpose… I tried lots of different exercises and different techniques, but I never found my purpose until I realized that it is so simple.

I just started to think about how would it be to me a perfect world. I described it and then I started to list what I could do with my expertise and my experience to create that world.

And that’s what I do, I help Change-Makers to have a bigger impact in people’s life, creating an exponential positive impact in the world in the way I believe it will be a better world for everyone.

Exponential Growth

This is not only one of my biggest motivations, but one of the things I teach to my students and clients.

We tend to think that growth is a progressive think, however we can make our growth exponential if we are willing to work smarter rather than harder.

Here is an example, what I charge today for my services are 10x what I started to charge a few years ago. And in a few years I’ll be charging 10x more what I’m charging today.

The same happen with the impact, today I’m having at least 100x the impact I was having before and the reason is that I started to think exponentially.

That way of thinking leaves space to our imagination to think bigger, to aim bigger. Because when you look at your bigger dreams knowing that there is an exponential way to get there, everything looks so much easier and we are able to get out of our fears to follow our biggest dreams, even the ones we might think are not possible.


I remember when I had a successful job in the corporate world, working for a multimillion company, getting a good income, having my own apartment, my partner, and everything I was supposed to have to be happy.
Still, something was missing and I couldn’t feel any fulfillment within me.

Now I know that true fulfillment comes from doing what we really want to do, and to achieve what we truly want to achieve in every aspect of our life.

Fulfillment doesn’t come only from having a balance in our personal and work life.

Fulfillment comes from having the feeling that we are being the best version of ourselves and that every area of our life is in aligned with our desires. And to me, that’s very connected with our life purpose.

When we don’t have that purpose no matter what we do, we always have a feeling that there is something missing.