These are the 3 Biggest Achievements in my Life

1. Create an Extraordinary Life

There is not a better way to predict the future than creating it. Who came up with the idea that we have to accept our fate or that we cannot make our bigger dreams a reality because that’s like building castles in the sky?

When I meet new people, and they seek what I do and the way I live, they say many times: “You are such an inspiration, your life looks amazing”. And I always reply with something like: “Well, it is amazing, but I’ve created it by my own and you can do it too”.

The biggest limitation I see in people is that we don’t believe we can create absolutely everything from the inside out. And because we don’t believe it, we never make the decision to make it happen. This happens at any level. There is always something bigger we could achieve that we are not able to see because we don’t believe it is possible.

And we don’t believe it is possible because it is not familiar, because these are unknown possibilities that we can’t see from our own perspective.

It’s when we are aware that the only limit is within us, and we can see beyond our fears and limitations, that we can see what we really can create. And that’s what I did, I created an extraordinary life by design:

  • I’m financially free doing what I’m very passionate about.
  • I’m helping others to make a big change in the world.
  • I’m following my purpose.
  • I live from my heart.
  • I’m getting married to the most amazing woman on earth.
  • I live in nature surrounded by silence and quietness.
  • And I created a lifestyle that is aligned 100% with my heart. 

I live fully connected with my heart knowing that I’m doing what I’m capable to do, but always aiming bigger to achieve more of what is connected with my purpose.

And this is just the beginning because I know there is something bigger, but still, this has been so far one of my biggest success in life.

2. Reinvent myself (so many times)

We are not who we think we are but the result of our experiences and what we’ve learned, plus the habits of thinking and behaviors that we have been repeated again and again.

When we define ourselves we are limiting ourselves.

We do the same things again and again, and we have the same thoughts day after day (90% of our thoughts are the same as the day before). We live in our comfort zone because we think we are save and fine there.

Living in 9 different countries in just one year made me realize that no matter where we go, we always create our little comfort zone wherever we can feel secure. The problem is that’s also limiting us.

Due to my way of living during the last years traveling the world, I left like constantly leaving my comfort zone: I lived in over 30 different houses in 9 different countries in the last years, and I met hundreds of people only in 2017 from over 80 different nationalities.

I had to go out of my comfort zone so many times.

And this actually gave me the real sense of what does it means to reinvent myself.

I also did it many times in the past, especially in my career reinventing myself at all levels, facing all the fears and discomfort and being ok with that, allowed me to become the best version of myself, the one I really want to be and not the one I was defining myself.

3. Living from the heart

Living from my heart has a tremendous positive impact in every aspect of my life.

It sounds like a topic, isn’t it?

“You have to live from your heart”, “You have to listen to your heart”…

But what does it means? Can we really understand that?

After many years trying to find the meaning I found the answer.

To me, there are two main feelings that are the source of all the feelings we have: Love and Fear.

  • LOVE comes from the heart, from our essence, from the deepest part of ourselves.
  • FEAR comes from the mind, from our past experiences from what we’ve learned.

If we understand this simple distinction, living from the heart becomes much easier.

There is just one question we have to ask ourselves every time we are not sure if we are acting from our heart: “Is that answer/decision/action coming from LOVE or from FEAR?”.

Unless the answer is LOVE, you are not acting from your heart.

What happens then, is that we live our life based on fear. We struggle to understand others, we argue with our partners, we let our ego and our pride be bigger than our positive feelings, we live to please others expectations, we make decisions that make us feel comfortable but not happy.

Nowadays I can tell that over 95% of my daily decision and actions are coming from LOVE and are connected with my heart.

And that to me, after growing up in an environment very negative where everyone around me was led by fear, is one of the biggest success in my life.

What are yours?

I invite you to pause right now and think about your biggest achievements in life. Not the material things you got, not the external things you have achieved but the internal successes that are making your life more meaningful and fulfilling.

Write down now your 3 biggest achievements in life and start describing why they are.