Start your day getting the most out of yourself while feeling more focused and balanced.

A unique practice designed to help you focus on the key aspects of yourself to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Based on the distillation of ancient spiritual wisdom, hundreds of personal growth books and the latest scientific studies, this daily meditation is a simple and powerful practice – with a down to earth approach. 

Practicing The 12-Minute Meditation on a Daily Basis You’ll….

  • Get clarity and highly motivated visualising a greater future that is as big as you are capable of creating.
  • Gain trust, self-awareness and self-confidence to get better and better day after day, so you become the best version of yourself.
  • Start your day in a fully supportive and optimistic way incorporating new positive thoughts about yourself, your life, and your business.
  • Find inner peace and have a relaxing moment just for yourself, so you can connect with your inner power before and have more control of your day.

About the Author

Hi! I’m Andoni, the Awareness Coach for Entrepreneurs. I've run over 60 transformational retreats in the last two years in Europe and Asia and I've helped hundreds through my meditations and the unique Awareness for Greatness™ method.

I'm specialised in guiding high-performers to get the most out of life beyond their personal success. I help them gain greater awareness about themselves, their life and their business, so they become the best they can be and create more freedom and balance to enjoy a truly authentic and fulfilled life.

A Unique Distillation Backed by Science

This meditation is the optimised result of over 60 transformational retreats I’ve run in the last two years in Asia and Europe, and it's all backed up by science.

  • Research shows that the practice of daily meditation Enhances Self-Awareness, Reduces Stress, Enhance Empathy, Promotes emotional health and wellbeing, Controls Anxiety and has an impact in your Focus, Productivity, Mood, Stress, Sleep or Relationships. 
  • Neuroscience research shows that up to 90% of our thoughts are the same as the day before, so only when we are able to incorporate new thoughts, through the images and the words we place in our mind, we can truly evolve and accelerate our personal growth.
  • Research into quantum mechanics has shown that the act of observing reality creates it. In other words, what you believe in is what you create.
  • Binaural beats with isochronic tone background music increase intelligence and mental efficiency using frequencies from 11.5Hz to 14Hz that focus on assisting the brain to be awake and alert, more focused and concentrated.