Coaching for Leaders

I specialize in helping value-driven CEOs and Leaders overcome the biggest obstacle they will always find in their life and in their business...


For Impact-Driven Leaders & Entrepreneurs

I specialize in coaching impact-driven individuals like you to go beyond your limits and build deep inner confidence to skyrocket your business without compromising your personal life or well-being.

Impact-driven entrepreneurs like you (and me) deeply believe that we can make the world a better place through business.

You have a purpose, a mission that's bigger than anything else, including yourself.

You are truly committed to your professional success because you know that's how you can help more people and make a bigger impact in the world.

And so you work hard and look for the best advice and mentors, you look for business strategies that work, you listen to all the gurus in marketing and sales, you try to build a tribe of followers and connect with your potential customers, you implement lots of different things that supposedly work so well​...

Still, you are not able to get the results you want in your business and in your personal life. 

The GOOD NEWS is that you are not alone.
This is happening to the majority of entrepreneurs.

Why? Because 90% percent of leaders and entrepreneurs are missing the key piece of the puzzle.

Something that the most successful people in the planet over the centuries were prioritizing it even before their business and their family. From Buddha, to Rockefeller to Nelson Mandela or Tim Ferris.

Do you know what has been making history-makers change the world?


Because only when you are able to master your inner state, your thoughts, your emotions and hack yourself to bring out the best that is within you and put it in service for your business is when everything starts to change...

Is when you are able to go beyond your limits, have deep inner confidence and take determined action no matter what, to achieve your most ambitious goals in your business without compromising your well-being, your balance or your relationships.

Everything becomes possible when you are able to master yourself.

If you feel that's the only thing that's missing, then you and I should have a conversation.

This is what other's say...

"You've had a massive impact on my life."

Laura G. - Womenpreneur - Denmark

"...the resulting impact on my life has been incredible."

Michael L. - Leadership Coach & Speaker - Australia

"I've never enjoyed anything that much in my entire life..."

Babbette T. - Entrepreneur, Coach & Speaker - Netherlands

"I'm so fulfilled having a sense of freedom that I can feel in my body..."

Sebastian V. - Thought Leader & Entrepreneur - Chile

"I'd not be where I am now without your help."

Arja H. - Heart-centered Entrepreneur - Netherlands

"He's profound, compassionate, intelligent, and deeply inspiring."

Blanca V. - Leadership Coach for Women & Author - Mexico

"Andoni is an extremely effective and supportive coach."

Else S. - Business Coach & Entrepreneur - United States